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Because of prior issues with spam, all new registrations must be approved by a moderator. These new registrations are moved into a user group by the name of "Probationary Users." These new members will have their posts moderated by the moderators to further ensure the validity of their membership. In most cases, one post is all it takes before a "Probationary User" is moved to the "Registered User" user group, which has full privileges.


"Probationary Users" have limited privileges. Because of the potential of using the PM system for spam, private messaging has been eliminated until you became a "Registered User." And obviously, when you submit a post, you will not see it on the forums until a moderator approves it.


So new members, become involved with the forums in order to eliminate these restrictions. Starting a thread about your system is a sure fire way for you to become a "Registered User." Besides, we want to see your systems. Or if you're in the planning phase, start a thread with your ideas. Utilize the PNWMAS think tank.

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That is an old post that needs to be updated. New users will have their first 5 posts moderated. This is to cut down on spam. After the 5 posts you become a regular user. If you would like, you can pay to be a club member. This opens up additional member forums, gives you voting rights, discounts or free admission to events. Bob Fenner will be flying in to speak at an event on April 12th. You can look at the different subscription levels by clicking the subscriptions tab when viewing the full site on your computer.



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