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Seahorse has chloroquine phosphate


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42 minutes ago, reefnjunkie said:

And what does this miracle drug cure, that’s a broad statement


My QT is for Acros so probably not my cup of Joe



”Not in the know”

Copper cures ich and velvet.


While in copper you can treat for flukes and internal parasites with General cure, metro or prazi pro.


General cure has a bit of both in it so it's used more often. 


Once done with treatment you need to have a sterile tank to transfer the fish to.  


All tanks need to have their own equipment and not used together. 

There are also other methods such as TTM (tank transfer method which cures ich and does not involve meds. You can also treat for flukes while using TTM.

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Copper is toxic to.fish and ich is becoming resistant to it. CP can cure ich, velvet and brooknelia. And it is a one dose and done..

I have dosed my current batch of fish THREE TIMES with copper. Hannah checker, maintained therapeutic dose, separate gear... they had ich cysts show up after being in 2.0ppm of copper power for 7 days..

Anyways, for those that are serious about fish health and QT it is worth looking into.

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