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Coral Box 500 skimmer new and other stuff no longer in hobby blow out!

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Coral Box 500 DC skimmer. The skimmer is new but the pump is bad. I bought two when they first came out. One to use one for parts.  Well I ended up parting the pump out of this kit. 



Aquaclear 110 works fine but missing all media (who would want to reuse mine anyway?)



Aquaclear mini also missing media


phosban 150 reactor with pump  $15.00


 Lifeguard quite one 1200 pumps complete like new in boxes with 1/2” ball valves $5.00 each



Kent marine glass cleaner for acrylic tank  $5.00 5 gallon all glass new $5.00 filter socks new $5.00


tetra EX30 filter with new replacement filters  used in saltwater so needs all the calcium cleaned off  $5.00


glass whole saw for one inch bulk heads used one time  $10.00 float valve and no fishing 3ADB7953-A11B-4E1B-A905-C3E58CFEDB9D.thumb.jpeg.c2891e8766f8d25fcea55b154448a076.jpeg

 sign free 

best to contact me by email starrs2018@icloud.com  

will trade .22lr .223 556x45 or 7.62x39 ammo also  



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