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Will work for fuel money sale Misc stuff


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3.29 a gallon........(huh)


Red Sea Wavemaster Pro

Yep I still have one left (had 2 for sale this summer). Come buy it from me for 40 bucks. Good as new....works perfect and I will test it for you if you wish. 120 bucks new.....40 bucks is a steal.


I also have some liverock I need to sell. Not sure how much. Mabey 40-50-60 pounds.


Overflow box for sale with the plumming to the sump. $20


30 gallon acrylic tank $30 bucks


Remora Pro skimmer. Works great. skimms like champ and always has. Ive had it for 3-4 years and fixed it once. Great job fixing and it will never leak. $75 OBO make offer...really


20 gallon long glass tank made into a refugium. Looks like this as I used these plans. Make offer

I bought the tank new for $40



10 gallon Refugium $20 cash


250 watt Duel Halide ballast M57 mounted in heat sink ready to fire. I used this for 2-3 years and it worked great $50 cash talks




Want something here???? offer me some nice colorful sps frags/colonys. (naughty)


::Need these items::


New 250 watt se halide bulbs


new URI 46.5 actinics


Bucket of salt for water changes


Phosphate media ( rowaphos, phoslock or what do you have)


Wow...its 2:30 AM


Peace Out (rock2)



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Oh gosh....I dont have all that much. I dunno. Its like a little over 1/4 of a 35 gallon trash can full of rock. Mabey almost half full. I have about enough for a 55 gallon tank. I will take $50 for all of it. If you really want I could pull it all out and take a picture so you can see....???



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Im sure there is more then 25 pounds there. Mabey even 50 but I havent weighed it. Mabey I should. I have never sold always bought off the net and paid way too much. I will buy from Patrick or someone else local next time. Patrick is expensive but he always has really nice rock it seems.



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The wavemaker and halide ballast are gone.

Today sometime I will weigh the rock and take pictures of the rock and the sumps.

I would love to trade my remora pro skimmer plus some cash or trade something else for a nice needlewheel skimmer. I just hate spending hundreds on skimmers when I have another RC airplane hobby that needs new engines or planes....hehehe

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