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Aquacontroller Jr. base unit for less than $100


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Hey Guys,


I just ordered an Aquacontroller Jr (base unit only) with serial interface for a little under $100 shipped. It does not include the DC4 or DC8 power strips, but I'll be using X10 anyway.


This is almost $100 less than marinedepot and I didn't believe my eyes. Hopefully the order gets through and they don't call up and say that it was a typo and they won't honor the price! (scary)




So if anyone is looking for a controller and doesn't mind picking up a DC4/8 seperately or building their own with X10 components, jump on it!


Linky: http://www.dtpetsupplies.com/catalog/Digital-Instruments/Neptune-Controllers/Base-Neptune-Units/AquaController-Jr-Backlit-unit-with-temperature-probe-and-serial-interface-DI-NPC-ACJR-SR/


Also, the picture they have is of the pre-facelift version, but I don't know which one I'll actually receive.

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I got an email from D&T saying that the ACjr has been backordered but they expect to be back in stock within a week. No mention of an error in pricing or anything else, so it looks like that really is what they're selling them for.


The fact that they're ordering a new lot leads me to believe that I'll get one of the new Black/Blue units instead of the older Blue/Green units pictured on the site.

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