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Skimmer issues


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I recently bought an AquaC EV-180 skimmer this week and hooked it up on Wednesday night. This thing has yet to even get any air bubble up the air tower. Does anyone have any experience with this skimmer? I have a genx 6000 in series with my 1/10hp chiller running the skimmer and followed the directions for the water level to match the top of the box.



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For the first two days I was using my genx4100 pump and by switching to the 6000 I have the same results.


Also I tried raising the water level but since this increases the water pressure in the skimmer it doesn't allow for air flow and stops creating micro bubbles.

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I bought a 180 as well recently too, but I'm not getting enough skimmate. I need a more powerful Mag7, came with a 5. They recommended putting a gate valve on the pump as well if you're using one too powerful. (before the skimmer...and there should be one on your output of the skimmer as well). Call their support too, they say they'll help you figure it out. or support@proteinskimmer.com

They say it may take a week or 2 to start kicking in properly. Recommended pumps for our skimmer, don't know GPH of them or yours. I think the Mag7 is like 700GPH. Here is the manual. http://www.proteinskimmer.com/EV180.pdf

• Sen 700

• Mag 700

• Rio 3100

• Dolphin DP-800 (valve recommended)

• Iwaki 30 RLT

• Little Giant 3 MDQ

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JG fitting?


I've been running a EV180 for about 7 months now and i'm very happy with the skimmate it produces.


Mine did take almost a week to start producing any skimmate and that started to worry me. It was hard not to play with it everyday that it didn't produce anything. I'm running a Mag7.


I was wondering if anyone was using there EV180 with a calcium reactor? It says in the manual that if you have the JG fitting you can run your calcium reactor effluent through the skimmer so to remove any excess CO2.


Just wondering if anyone was utilizing this feature and if they are how does it work?

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I have mine hooked up to it, but I am still new to the skimmer. I guess my question would be if I should kept it with a drip a sec or if I shouldn't restrict the flow on the calcium reactor. I have a Knopp C reactor hooked to the JG fitting.

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