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Memorial Day Sale: SAVE 10% (or more) ON MOST ITEMS!

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    • By Thebeardedreefer
      Hello i'm breaking down my tank and selling everything. All coral must go first. My timeline to get rid of the coral is preferably 2 weeks. Once all the coral is gone I will be breaking down the tank and cleaning it and all items will be going up on here for sale. 
      If you are interested please leave me a comment or send me your contact info to my DM and i will reply.  I will be checking back throughout the day.

      My Corals 
      (2 out of 3 Remain) Three Big live rocks covered with Green Star Polyps (GSP)---all covered on live 3 separate line rocks---$100 for the Big rock and $50 for the small oneI
      The top middle one is gone from a sale for a local friend
      Armageddon Zoanthids ---- one large colony on a live rock for -- $50 
      Gorilla Nipples with Sunny D’s Growing and a Fava coral as one or can break the plug out if needed---$50
      Blonde Blue eyed [language filter]--there is like 3 heads --$25
      Rainbow Acans ---- $60
      Fruit Lop Zoanthids 3 inch round frag plate--$30
      Utter Chaos Zoanthids ----Sold
      Three head blue zoanthid with yellow rim ---$50
      3 inch Round frag plate Orange Zoanthids are --$50---next to the sushi bar
      Rastas ---$25
      Encrusted Red and orange coral is ----$50
      Green Apples Sold -- All though there are some heads on my zen reef frag rack---ZenReef Frag rack $45--extra plates are included
      2 Nemos -- $50
      1-Damisle --$20

    • By KH1985
    • By marine depot
      Save on most of the RO and RO/DI systems we carry! Plus, save on select accessories. SHOP NOW!
      Sale ends 1/29/2020 at 11:59pst
    • By marine depot
      If you have a freshwater or planted tank, please click HERE! 
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