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75 gallon salt water tank


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Asking/ starting price $1000 also up for any offers! Hi i am selling my 75 gallon salt water tank it has the current loop system 2

2 Fluval E 300-Watt Electronic Heaters
1 CoralVue Technology BH-2000 Octopus with External 2000 Pump for Aquarium Filter, 125-Gallon
a 110 aqua clear hob filter 
We also have 3 extra wave pumps of the big ones and 3 wave pumps of the small ones and we have tons of extra stuff including a extra 10 gallon tank 2 exta heaters 2 water jugs one for freah and one for salt. It will come with all the fish and inverts and corals rocks sand. The whole set up. I am getting rid of it due to not having enough space for it. We have tooken very good care of this tank and have had it for over a year now. I am open to offers just need it gone.  My phone number is 9717240038 if you are interested. Just give me a reasonable offer and its yours!

















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Beeded a asking/starting price
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Excuse my spelling but this is what sold and whats available 

The dark clown, white sea urchin, the blue tang, the torch, both ahrimp but the peppermint shrimp is sold, clam is pending sold

Available is black sea urchin 3 bubble tip anemones 2 red one yellow white a normal clown 2 of the green chromis a mandarin golby a few corals  and live rocks also the tank and lights and everything is still available text me at 9717240038 if intrested 

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Forgot a urchin
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