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I recently started a new nano tank with rock from my sump. Not sure if this guy was hiding out in my sump, or if maybe he came from the bag of sand. Needless to say I remember black claws not being reef safe, but when I was looking on the google all I found was striped crabs. This one looks exactly like the rock other than the black pinchers. Any idea what he is and why he’s bad? I figure for the time being he’s good clean up crew during my mini cycle. I had my eye on the mantis shrimp at Cuttlefish, I’m sure she could exterminate him after cycle anyways 😂🤷🏼‍♂️


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Stomadopods are awesome. I’ve had probably 4 over my reefing career. Giant peacock one from upscales about 12 years ago was the coolest. I was legitimately worried he would one day break the glass. On occasion, a water droplet would drip down the front of the tank and the shrimp would attempt to attack it. I’ve only every gotten one mantis hitchhiking however and it was tiny. 

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