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Cuttlefish Oregon Ten Dollar Oregon Tort Group Buy!!

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Up next is the Oregon Tort! It’s s classic and a slow  grower!

Top ten acro for me! 

ONLY FIVE SPOTS on this one ! Five alternates 

Ten Dollars Each




Da Rulz!



Group buy ground rules


All frags are prebagged and randomly distributed by volunteers.


These frags need to be paid ONE HOUR after the group buy is posted.

If you do not pay or message me about alternate arrangements by then you will forfeit your spot. 


If you can at all PayPal (use a friend or family members account) PLEASE do so. 


PLEASE GIFT PayPal and what you are buying.  I am personally taking the hit on all the PayPal fees. 


PLEASE MARK in the memo section your forum name and what group buy when you PayPal.



PayPal is evry1has1@gmail.com enter this in manually now to your PayPal account. For some reason it won’t let you copy and paste. 


You must be present at the party at Cuttlefish between 2 and 5 pm to pick your frag up. If you do not pick it up by the end of the day you have just donated your frag for a future auction with all proceeds going to SARC! How generous of you ! 

1. Mandinga paíd 

2. Housholdofpayne paid

3. Pdxmonkeyboy paíd 

4. Ascorbic acid paíd

5.  Geeklit paíd 


alternates : knucledragger Manny Tavan, mooseman-sal, Richard 972, robblevins





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