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Low Alkalinity, is it too low


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 Good evening,


I have recently started testing for the big reef building elements.  My numbers have been fairly consistent.  Yesterday was

Mg  1580

Ca  420

KH  6.7 dkh 

My new saltwater tested at

Mg  1320

Ca  430

KH  7.6 dkh 


I know the mag is high but should come down with time and water changes.  I have no idea how it got so high.


My bigger concern is the alkalinity.  Ideal range is 8-10.  At 6.7 am I in the danger zone or should I opt for stability and let it be for now?


I spoke to the gentleman at Cuttlefish today (sorry I can't remember his name) and he said while low it's not critical and reminded me that raising alk will lower calcium :nutty:.  Aren't hard corals fun lol


All SPS, LPS and other inhabitants are doing well


Thanks for your help 

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KH below 7 is worrisome, even if stable.

I shoot for 7.5 - 8 and my calcium is stable between 400-430. I wouldn't worry about having Mag at 1580. It is higher than it needs to be, but people often bring their Mag above that to fight algae problems.

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