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Cuttlefish ASD Rainbow Phoenix Monti Group Buy! Ten dollars !!!!

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Asd Phoenix Monti Group Buy!!




All I can say is wow!! This is a beautiful designer piece. I paid 100 dollars for a much smaller frag and if you look online these are still listed in the 200 dollar range. 


This is a beautiful coral that just glows in the tank! :drool:




These are also only ten dollars!! These will go fast at this price so you better jump on this now !!

Please show Jeff some love they spent several days fragging these beauties up!  Support a local business that gives back so much to the reefing community .Thats literally a show piece worth well over a grand that Jeff and his crew fragged up for you !





15 spots this time !!

and 5 alternate spots 


Must be present at Cinco de Mayo party May 5 to pick up from 2 to 5 pm


frags will be prebagged and randomly selected. 


Post in this thread and I will go by time stamp

Pay by Thursday May 2 2019 at 8pm. If you do not pay by then your spot goes to an alternate.

Paypal is evry1has1@gmail.com

(You need to actually type it in not cut and paste)

please write your forum name in the PayPal and gift it 

if you don’t have PayPal pm me about making payment arrangements:

1. Manny Tavan paíd 

2. Optimusprime paid

3. Mesamech paid

4. Nick **

5. Ascorbic acid paid

6. Richard972 paid

7. Mooseman-sal paíd 

8.Youcallmenny paid 

9. Freddy k paid 

10. Fpd paid

11. Krux paid 

12. Householdofpayne paid

13. Whatthefrag paíd 

14.Jtarmitage paid

15. Robblevins paid

**alternative payment arrangements 


natedawg,flash21,albertareef, starbourne, kh1985

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7 minutes ago, NateDawg said:

I'm in!


7 minutes ago, Flash21 said:



5 minutes ago, albertareef said:

I’m in if there is still room


2 minutes ago, StarBourne said:

In if there is a spot!

You all made the alternate list ! Wow that was fast !!!

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