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Rick/Yuma looking strange last few days


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Not sure what’s going on but this guy is normally sprawled out and rather big. The last two days he’s curled up and on the backside of him this like neon green bubbles or something are coming from his “foot”? Not sure what’s wrong with it. All other corals doing fine. 



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54 minutes ago, SuncrestReef said:

I can't say for sure how it happens, but my St. Thomas mushroom recently had a baby and it did not split at the mouth:


Well hopefully that is the case, feel like I'm failing if a shroom dies haha

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I don't know exactly what yours is doing but I've seen mine do strange looking things only to find out that's what they do when they expel waste, lights go out etc. If your parameters are good and your other corals seem good I'd just keep an eye on it. Some of my mushrooms I've known were budding when I'd see an extra mouth form, others I'd just notice a tiny mini shroom form next to the original. My little red rock Flower Anenome (I now know is a male) I've seen do lots of crazy worrisome things [emoji10] I've had this thing ~10 years and couple years ago found out it was a male when it starting releasing sperm clouds lol. I've seen it look like it's turning inside out, stretch, you name it...


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10 hours ago, nanoreefer said:

That’s what my yumas used to do when they’re budding off babies. 

Should have updated this but that’s what happened, took about a week of looking weird then it was back to normal with a baby next to it. Pretty cool

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