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Lexinverts' Reefer XXL 750


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We just got done remodeling our house, which meant that we had to live in the garage and bedrooms for 6 weeks! That's a lot of microwaved meals...

The happy end of this trying experience came when my wife said that the old tank look would look too small in reference to our now over-sized contemporary kitchen decor. Whoa, I thought, I'd better strike while the iron was hot and sent @CuttleFishandCoral a text message. A week later I was unwrapping this bad boy. Thanks Jeff!!!




One thing that I have discovered about big tanks is that it does take forever to fill them..... Sheesh

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2 minutes ago, badxgillen said:

They are also rather heavy. Looks good Andy, I am sure you will have that filled up in no time. Are you going with the same systems as you did before with your other Red Sea tanks? They always looked great to me.

LOL, yes, many thanks to @badxgillen and his son Ronin for helping me lift and carry this thing. 355 lbs without water!

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Whoa yes! This is what every grown man needs after a kitchen remodel. Feel free to post tips on how you baited your wife into coming to that decision on her “own” hahaha. I’d have to work on the honey do list for years to pull that one off! Be sure to post fts with the new kitchen so i can show them to my wife lol.

That aquascaping needs some help, got any plans for that?

This is gonna be a true beauty!!! Subscribed.

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