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Official PNWMAS Dog / Puppy Photo Thread!


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5 hours ago, xmas_one said:

Picked up a new puppy yesterday, she’s a fox red lab, 8 weeks old. 




38 minutes ago, youcallmenny said:

Here's mine:


Harley is 9 as of this February.  😞  We've had her since I was in the service and she's been the best of friends.  She was born in Texas. 

Great thread @xmas_oneI didn’t even know labs came in that color. Beautiful! 

@youcallmenny German shepherds are the best ! Most loyal dogs I have owned!

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Simply a brilliant idea for a forum thread. Life circumstances have rendered me dogless for almost ten years but I have been thinking about making room for one in my life again more often recently. Word of the day: Wistful.

Keep the images coming, folks, and thanks for the vicarious dog fixes! Usually, I have to go to the beach to get those.

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On 3/31/2019 at 9:44 AM, Emerald525 said:

Good timing on the thread! I just found out that my blue Merle corgi Will was born just 2 days ago and will be getting her in May!!



A new member of the family on the way - how exciting!  Guess I will have to bring more snacks with me next time I come by 😃

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