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Thanks to @CuttleFishandCoral for gifting the Boys & Girls Club some new fish! They had trouble getting the feeding right and lost their previous two, so the goal this time was to make sure we added enough fish to use the auto feeder. From Jeff, we added a McCosker’s wrasse and an aurora goby, and purchased from Seahorse were a long-nosed hawkfish and red firefish. The kids voted on these fish from a list of choices that would work well together and be easy to care for; it’s funny noticing all four choices are red. They have a few more selections to be added soon, but it’s always best to get the more peaceful specimens in first. 


Safety Stop dip has been working well! 



McCosker’s at the top left, just seconds after being added to the tank.


Bottom center/left, you can see the wrasse on his way into hiding, as well as the aurora goby.




Aptasia getting a nudge from Jim’s kalkwasser syringe. Adding peppermint shrimp to the list of tank needs!


Overall, coming along nicely! Photo taken during maintenance, so forgive the low water level and slightly open cabinet doors. 

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