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WTB Large Acrylic Tank (used)


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Before I spend a ton on materials for the next build, I want to see if anyone is aware of any large acrylic tanks that are used and/or reasonably priced? Leaks, scratches,  seams, repairs needed etc.. are no problem, my son and I like to restore tanks anyway  

looking for 8x4 or larger (any size with 48” or more width). No need for a show tank. Cash in hand. 

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13 minutes ago, pdxmonkeyboy said:

you will never find a 4' wide tank. 3' is hard to come by. you could build it for about $1,000 if 24" tall

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Figured that would be the case but was worth a shot. I swear every time I build another large tank there’s two that pop up for sale after I’ve been looking for months. 

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32 minutes ago, pdxmonkeyboy said:

lol. soooo true. have you checked giantaquariums.com? most are on the east coast.

there was a 12' by 3' for 4k a month after I bought my tank. 😞

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Oh yeah I remember that one. Clear on all but a side overflow? I did check last week but they don’t have anything that gets me excited at those prices. I’ll likely just move forward on my project 

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