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Elk plain up in Spanaway wa


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My wife talked to the principal of my daughter school today and he is all over the idea of a Saltwater tank.  We need to schedule a meeting with science teacher to figure it.  

So if anyone up here in Pierce county, WA has anything let me know.  I am going to offer them a few tank size options that I have.  Nothing fancy most likely just run a cascade filter as I have few of them sitting around.

I have the following.

Tank 20 50 or 75

Lights older LED

Sand black or white

Live rock I have a brute full for the 450 but I can spare some.

Filtration Cascade Cartridge I need replacement media mine is old.

What I do need is live stock

I am going cut them some branching hammer once the tank is cycled but do not have anything else right now.

If anyone has a tang or something that they need to rehome let me know.

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