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Manny’s 150g Waterbox

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i did mine, it is stupid easy. the include a device to measure the center of a circle. It literally took 20 minutes to drill, wire and install it. I went with the monkeyboy skim jug 2000. lasts a

OCD people...you may take a look now

I guess it’s time start my new tank build official thread. Will keep updating as I go.    Received my tank today. One box was torn up and unfortunately one of the panel needs to be replaced.

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[emoji54] now this is what I'm talking about! Beautiful peice! Where did you find it? I'm an LPS fan and have been keeping an eye out for nice big LPS peices like this. And a year already, wow that flew by. Your tank looks amazing, I really like your aquascape and your fish choices.


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control box controls effluent rate and C02 into the reactor. C02 is regulated on and off by a float switch (no ph or bubble counter)

Wow, that’s pretty cool. You can integrate it with the trident somehow as well?

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No update for the last six months cause the tank was struggling. Lots of corals not growing and lots of corals dying. Unless I did weekly water changes, a lot of things were starting to die. Last week I found the reason why. The back up heater was broken


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