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48" ATI SUNPOWER 8 X 54W LIGHT FIXTURE + BULBS - fixture was purchased from Bulk Reef Supply 11/25/15. Light has been used for about 2 years. 
ATI bulbs included, they have about 2 months of use on the bulbs. 
Can't remember the color temp of the bulbs but will update post when I have a chance.  Asking $350.






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5 hours ago, CrabbyCrabs said:

Do these have controls so a number of sets of bulbs can be turned on to mimick sunrise/sunset? 

(2) cords, (1) cord powers (2) bulbs and the other cord powers (6) bulbs.

2 hours ago, Mandinga said:

Coral growing machine right there. I should buy just in case i ever get another 4’ tank.

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i really like the light but i have two of these fixtures and now have a 6' tank so i don't need two of them.  i was using two of these over a 10' long tank previously.  

57 minutes ago, Zotalpha said:

Pm sent!

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will reply in a minute.   

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Thanks again kilmca great deal on a great light. I fired it up an hour ago and everything has nearly quadrupled in size............ haha I fully expect 24 inch colonies by morning.

All kidding aside great guy to deal with!


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The 425xl has thicker side glass meaning a larger surface area where it meets the front glass. I just worry that those seams are so thin on the 350. My 60 cube has thicker side glass. Maybe I'm just paranoid but I like everything overbuilt. Was thinking of getting some 1/4" glass braces cut that could double as my screen top holder. Want to do a 3 piece top so I can take one out at a time while cleaning as I've got jumpers. A brace on either side of the overflow

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24 minutes ago, SuncrestReef said:

Does anyone know the side glass thickness on the 350?  Red Sea doesn't appear to list side glass thickness in any of their documentation.  My XL 425 side glass measures roughly 3/8".

I did a Google search and it doesn't appear that seam failure is widely reported on Reefers.

I’ll measure my 350 in the am for you but I believe 1/2”

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24 minutes ago, CrabbyCrabs said:

The reefer 450 front glass is 5/8" or whatever that is in metric. Seems like the 425xl should have had the same, imo. I think the reefer 350 is 10mm or 3/8" side glass from the big red Sea forum. 

The Reefer 450 is a 5 foot wide tank.  I have the XL 425, and this conversation is about the 350, both of which are 4 foot wide tanks.  The 350 and 425 are the same width, but the XL 425 is just a little bigger front to back.

Screen Shot 2018-11-30 at 11.52.12 PM.png

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