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Brand new triple DI system!!


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ooopsie.. a glitch with my BRS cart and i ordered two of these.




After i had my water and rodi water ICP tested i found out that the city water is high in silicates and they were high even though my RODI was putting out 2ppm water.


So some research.. normal di resin is a mixture of anion and cation resin. Mine was getting exhausted quickly because i was exhausting all the anion parts of the resin.


so, this 3 stage system was a full cartrdige of anion resin then a full catridge of cation and THEN a full cartridge of mixed media. basically nothing and I mean nothing is getting through this system.


If you make your own RODI water..and what serious reefer doesn't? Then give this a look. It should save money on resin because you basically just replace the anion or cation resin (i suspect the anion for pdx water), the remaining catridges will last much longer.


anyays... cansiters, gel, tubing and PPM meter for $100.


I will even throw in some zoa frags just so i dont have to go to the ups office.




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