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FINALLY: 10% off Neptune Systems + an A-MAZ-ING Somatic/Vertex Doorbuster!

marine depot

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    • By BeardUp
      I picked up an apex classic to compare to my reefpi set up the other day and realized I needed a module to connect my float switches for my ATO. I know I can order a break out box for around $35 but I like tinkering and had all the parts on hand except for the mini din. (I know I have some in a box somewhere.) 
      I fired up tinkercad to make a quick box with a sliding lid and 7 6mm holes for the headphone jacks and the din cable. 
      Once that was printed I bridged all the grounds and identified the pins and wires.
      Then, on to soldering the connections.
      Last, I attached it to my stand, slid the lid in and plugged it in. 
      It works great but I learned my aqua lifter needs to be on socket 4 or 8 since it pulls so little voltage. 

    • By geomac
      I am moving, so I must sell my Reefer 350.  All equipment is top of the line.  Includes:
      3 EcoTech Radion XR15 Pro G4 with Tank Mounts and Diffusers 2 EcoTech Vortech MP40Q Sicce Return Pump Bubble Magus Curve 7 Skimmer Apex Neptune Controller Apex Dos Apex Dos Container Apex WXM Tunze ATO Titanium Heater Trigger 10 Gallon ATO Livestock included:
      Live Rock Many Corals 17 RBT Anemones Clown Fish Potters Angle Scopas Tang Blue Damsel Tuxedo Urchin Hermit Crabs Fighting Conch

    • By marine depot
      Save on most of the RO and RO/DI systems we carry! Plus, save on select accessories. SHOP NOW!
      Sale ends 1/29/2020 at 11:59pst
    • By marine depot
      If you have a freshwater or planted tank, please click HERE! 
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