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New cell phone filter


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17 minutes ago, Kingtriton92 said:

Did you get the polyp labs filter?

Take a look at my side-by-side review of the PolypLab filter vs. the IceCap filter.  I decided to go with IceCap because the colors were much more accurate and the macro magnification was better.

See http://www.pnwmas.org/forums/topic/45531-smartphone-camera-filter-comparison/?tab=comments#comment-450297


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10 minutes ago, Kingtriton92 said:

Good to know.  I've been looking at both as well as dslr filters.  I'll go ice cap for phone.  Any experience with filters on dslr's?

I choose not to use filters on my DSLR.  Instead, I set the camera's white balance as far to the blue spectrum as possible and it really helps to compensate for the blue lights.  I have a Nikon D610 which can only go as high as 10,000 Kelvin on white balance, but it's enough to work well.  See some of my macro photos with the Nikon here:   http://www.pnwmas.org/forums/topic/45689-macro-photos/


What DSLR do you use?

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5 minutes ago, Kingtriton92 said:

I've been doing the same for photos with my D700 but video on my m50, gh5 and bmpcc all look off, even after heavy post editing.  I've noticed a lot of YouTubers mention using filters or gels but never which ones. 

Your photos are beautiful btw.  Your making me want to invest in a macro lens.

Here are a few more links to my macro photos for you:


And a macro video using the same Nikon D610:  http://www.pnwmas.org/forums/topic/44599-coral-macro-video/?do=findComment&comment=442134




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