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Best rock glue/putty for cheap


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Trying to make a new scape for tank on previous tanks but tired of catching rocks trying to glue corals on or waking up to turbo snail knocking over smaller pieces

Picture of attempt with new rocks I will be useing rocks from current tank to so need space for them


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I’m currently in the process of doing my scape. Using quickrete cement, marco cement and epoxy putty. I’m not a fan of any of them right now and seriously concerned my scape might not hold up 5+ years in saltwater. If i could start over i would use this. It softens up only in hot water which would never occur inside the reef tank. Jeff told me about it but I had already bought everything else


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I'm thinking of doing a marine depot order probably just get some of that stuff
it works really well to mold together two pieces that dont quite fit. the best way to use it is put a big clob of super glue down, then mold the polymer, then a blob of superglue and then the next rock. it works awesome for that.

any bridges or arches, etc need acrylic rod. tap plastic sells it. A normal drill bit works best for real rock, nothing works well for the fake live rock:(

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