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Live rock vs artificial


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Hi guys, new to the US but not new to reefing. Coming from Australia Rock was live rock or dry rock but both legitimate rock that was not man made. I am having trouble finding a place in WA king county ideally. That sells live rock that is real rock. That said maybe I don’t need it and looking for opinions based on experience. The rock I have seen while great shapes is either Color that is too fake (yeah I know in time this will be replaced by life and coralline) and it all does not appear to have the same levels of porous. Have seen the life rock or dry rock broken open and it for the most part is solid within. 

I am running a small tank so looking for as much natural biological filtration. 

I guess the ask here is, have I got this wrong and the life rock or dry rock is as good as real live rock? If not any ideas on where I can get the real deal? 

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