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OBD Custom 5ft 80g Shallow Reef Tank


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Listed this back in September for a limited time but it's back for the Holidays!

Awesome shallow reef tank by Oceans by design "60x20x15" 1/2 Glass an custom built stand built by previous owner. Has a peace of starboard cut to fit the inside for those who wish to run bare bottom. ~Tank an stand only~


Buyer will have to run his/her own plumbing.

Located in Albany Oregon (Storage)








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My current lineup is 2 SR60 setups, 750xxl, 50 cadlights, 25 lagoon an the 23g pen tank. Still need to add my 48x24x12 frag tank to the mix but after that, I'm good.

This tank an 8 or 15 others will be going to New forever homes 😊

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3 hours ago, pdxmonkeyboy said:

sounds good to me. I will take it, but it will have to be around christmas time. you want to here stupid aquarium obsession... i have to move a wall 2" for it to fit.

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Load bearing wall or not?  If not, just take out the wall and have no aquarium size limits!

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28 minutes ago, pdxmonkeyboy said:

its a load bearing closet.

Jaguar needs ANOTHER tank. I swear, this next one is going to be his forever tank until i decide to eat him.

its 2' deep.. perfect for an inwall. and..... its 5' 11 1/4" wide. 097ec99ac79e54fbccfc35e2127199f8.jpg

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So Jaggy’s getting a new 210 for Xmas eh?  Better not crack that one when he goes for your hand next time!

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