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Anyone order from them? I ordered a bunch on schedule 80 union ball valves a couple of years back and they still work great with constant use. The only one that started to stick a bit was the one hooked up to a reactor that stays barely opened and got calcified. But took almost 2 years before needing a cleaning. The ones used routinely for on off switching have no issues at all. I'm sure the cepex ones are great but can't spend $25 a pop. For comparison, a 1" one from PVC online is $15. I used these on my manifold.



I'm currently plumbing a closed loop and didn't want these bulky ones, so tried their "compact deluxe" ball valves and they turn really well and only $5 for a 1". That's less expensive than the low bin ones at Lowe's.


I did splurge on a 1" Spears gate valve for a bean overflow. They had these for $30. The shipping can get you so you have to order quite a few things to make it worth it. They also have a ton of obscure PVC parts. I wish I would have added in a check valve for my return line in my order but didn't think about it.


Cheers, Trevor






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38 minutes ago, Willapa said:

I like that quick connect attached to the braided vinyl in the second pic. Where did you score that?

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I got the 3/4" braided hose from BRS:  

And 3/4" quick-connect cam fittings from PVCFittingsOnline.com:  




28 minutes ago, Willapa said:

Oh, and sexy plumbing by the way. You must leave the doors open and admire it.

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And yes, I do spend too much time admiring the plumbing!  😂 

It was part of last month's picture of the month!

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