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Excited!! Battle Corals order on way

The ReefBox

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Pretty excited to get my first Battle Corals order this week. I have ordered a couple Deltec  skimmers from him (Adam) and had nothing but positive experiences with him. I have followed his stuff on Reef2reef for awhile now and I have yet to find an unhappy buyer!! He sells top notch SPS and are not the typical micro frags you see in the industry! I purchased a “Battle box” which typically he throws together your box  based on price you spent. The thing about it is, he doesn’t throw duds or things he can’t sell in the box. In fact, he asked for my wishlist from his website and I’ll be honest I listed mostly his nice, pricey corals. His reply, “thanks for the help, I’ll be sure to get a handful of your selections in your pack” so I respond, Hey Adam seeings how my list is comprised of your more spendy items (150+) on done frags, I am fine with you reducing number of frags in my order. He originally stated he would pick out 12-15 pieces to send. He replies, “man I appreciate that but I’ll still get 9-10 pieces in ur box”

his stuff is all pest free, colored up and been in his tanks for years!  I will post pics when they arrive on Friday. If you have ever doubted ordering from him, don’t. He is a great guy with too notch stuff!

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Battle box coming tomorrow. Got updates from him order was scheduled for pick up today (with tracking) and scheduled for delivery by 1030 am  great communication  from Adam. Can’t wait to see what he put in my box!  Thinking bout segregation and making a section in my tank called Battle island!!

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