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40 gallon breeder build w/ sump


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Minor setback. Built the stand for the tank and not the sump! So now the sump i had custom built wont fit!. So i bought a little 10g and threw some baffles in it. Middle will be a fuge spot.

Btw... im horribly messy with silicone. I should've used masking tape for cleaner lines1db46cb2dfa8e2ccf5e9628a72b4ec87.jpg

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Today i finished the build.

First thing first. Used 3 inch pvc pipe and cap, and used a router to cut my overflow 'were' (
2. Built the 'fail proof' overflow out of 1" pvc and used 3/4" for the return.

3. Mixed 40 lbs of black sand with 2 lbs of with for a little pop.

4. Built stand

5. When i built the stand, i built it too tight for my 20g sump, so i built a simple 10g sump with fuge in middle.

6. Finished plumbing and started it up.

- jeabo rw8 wavemaker and hydor 425 powerheads
- QuietOne 3000 return pump
- Random 150w Heater
- Gealth led Marine lights (company was only around for 6 months. Nice lights though) c0b52d9dd06c28f7290cff3ca7fa88d4.jpg539c1d75378dbc88298e3f223cee7b8c.jpg84121f222f442a50328e142e89f2fcec.jpg73bc1328d7869eb721aa968a888dbf88.jpgf9289c3fb540b12c4bf3422f33c0d48d.jpg

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I like what you have done with the HOB overflow to allow for surface skimming did you by chance drill and holes lower in the outer tube in case the wier gets clogged to allow it to still pull water from the tank? Nice over all set up love me some DIY projects!


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