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November SPS grow out

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ok folks. Tired of watching it rain? Now you can watch your frag grow... or wonder why it isn't growing.
So its $30 for a decent sized frag of the colony shown below. It is an aquacultred piece so that will be much easier to keep alive.
Jeff will have frags available this weekend. They should all be about the same size and shape so no need to camp out to be first in the door.
Send payments to paypal@pnwmas.org via paypal. BE SURE to use the send money to a friend option not the buying goods option.
When you have paid then post up here. Jeremy will comfirm before the weekend.
When you get your frag take a picture of it next to the ruler of your choice. Jeff will have neptune rulers for sale this wekend for $29.95 if you are interested.
I will start a new thread to post your starting pictures.
I am excited, i think it will be fun!! Good luck everyone !!
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7 minutes ago, Jfruity24 said:

I can’t find the PayPal contact to send it to. I did the paypal@pnwmas.org. And it’s not showing anything!

  1. Log in to https://PayPal.com
  2. Click Send & Request at the top
  3. Enter paypal@pnwmas.org, click Next
  4. Enter $30.00
  5. Click Change below the dollar amount
  6. Select Sending to a friend
  7. Click Continue and then enter your credit card or bank account info.
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Confirmed Payment List as of 10/31 @ 9pm:

  1. pdxmonkeyboy
  2. jeremevans
  3. SuncrestReef
  4. jtarmitage
  5. xmas_one
  6. NateDawg
  7. Jfruity24
  8. River City Corals
  9. CrabbyCrabs x 2
  10. sroberts


Waiting for the following:




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