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Innovative Marine: Buy Now, Pay Later

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    • By sunswirl
      I am selling my XXL750 tank. I am replacing this tank with the 3XL900. The tank is in great working order. I do have to disclose that there was a small leak at the lower right front (picture of this spot included in post). Red Sea offered to replace the entire tank for free. I offered to "buy-up" to the larger model which they worked out for me. Other than this, the entire setup is in excellent condition and I am certain would provide the next owner many years of enjoyment. Also noteworthy is that the original filter sock holder has been removed in order to accommodate a automated filter roll.
      The tank will be imminently available starting the weekend of Nov. 13 when we transfer to the new tank. Pickup only in inner SE Portland. If you were to coordinate with the crew helping with the install of my new tank you would have numerous extra sets of hands. 
      The leak has been sealed with silicone (while it was still wet). It would be best if a more thorough seal is done once the tank is emptied. A picture has been attached of where the leak is. This should be a fairly straight forward fix for anyone motivated to have a really amazing tank and willing to take the care to make a more permanent fix. The minimal silicone plug I fixed it with has lasted since January 2021. This tank did not originally come with the front aluminum supports which were later retro-fitted after Red Sea started having some reports of cabinet sag and tank failures and sent them out to all owners. I do not believe that my tank ever experienced this sag, nor do I suspect the "worm hole" leak was caused by it.
      Since I have had the tank "replaced" under warranty, this tank will have no warranty or markings. It was purchased at Cuttle Fish and Corals in 2017 and is even featured on their Facebook page. 
      Note - no additional equipment is supplied with this tank. Images are of actual tank, but are for demonstrative purposes only. Only the items listed in listing title are for sale.
      Offers for complete package will be prioritized. Additional more current photos can be provided upon request. 


    • By Cgrand56
      Hello everyone,
      Here is v2.0 of my corals sale. As the subject line reads, I am getting out of the hobby and all my live stock is for sale. Thanks to all of you who already bought some of the corals. I am glad they are going to good homes. 
      I am uploading a new PDF which contains all the photos and prices for what is still available. Hopefully you will see some that you like. 
      Some of you have asked about the fish, they are now available for sale as the rock structure is being disassembled making it easier when trying to fish them out, so I don't cause too much stress on them. The prices for the fish are on the last few slides of the PDF document. 
      Let me know of any questions you may have. 
      Corals for Sale v.2.0.pdf
    • By GumdropDan
      After two years, I'm finally back in the hobby again but with a bigger tank. Yes, 75 isn't that grand but with limited space, this is my best option. As most have told me, I'll quickly grow out of this tank. This is also my first time starting a thread to follow my build. Follow me on the set-up and progress of my 75 gallon reef tank. Research from books, blogs to YouTube has lead me to this point. I fully expect you all to challenge my process and help me learn from my mistakes! 
      So far I have: 
      White Innovative Marine 75 gallon EXT reef ready tank AQUAMAX BioPellet Reactor NYOS TORQ Reactor GYRO Flow Pump(RAFFLE PRIZE  ) SENEYE Leak Detector  RODI Filter(No more LFS visit for top off or saltwater)  2 Kessil lights  Still have more to grab! Wish me luck guys, and if anyone has anything they want to part with, I'm open ears!

    • By Alexrpolk
      Innovative Marine Nuvo 10 Stand still in box, brand new. $175 obo.
      Innovative Marine Nuvo 20 Peninsula Stand assembled but never used $225 obo.
      I had a grand plan of setting up multiple tanks but ended up sticking with one and now I have to get rid of the stands. Prices are negotiable, just looking to get rid of them at this point.
      Located in Tigard, OR not able to ship.

    • By Yoers
      I am planting a new tank for my desk! 1.5 gallons, planted with anubias that has been rooted to a log already. Pearl weed baby tears I believe are planted and wisteria bunched in the background! Still learning and this is my 1st micro tank, so open to suggestions or criticism! I also have a 45 gallon tank meant to be river style tank currently home to tetras and a 5 gallon betta tank supposed to be like a warm creek or pool with light flow. Will post soon!

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