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Valentini saddle puffer not eating


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I have a valentini saddle puffer for about 5 months now.  Great fish and very active but the last couple of days he has stopped eating.  Still active but seems to have no interest in food even when I wave clam slices right in front of his face.   I notices Saturday he looked a bit fatter than normal but the last couple of days back to normal shape, I did not see him puff but that might have been post puff bloat (?).  Do they stop eating for a few days after they puff up??  Also I have noticed no aggression from the other fish in the tank so I think I can rule out he stressed and my water numbers are all good and all the other fish are active and eating so I can rule water problems. 


Any advice would be good but I am hoping I am stressing over nothing.  

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10 minutes ago, Sailingeric said:

Nevermind, he is back to his piggy self


Good to hear!  Saw this but didn't have any brilliant ideas.  I did have this happen to an anthias a while back and tossed some live brine in the tank a couple times over the next week (which he ate) then he eventually came out of his funk.  Still don't know what the underlying issue was.

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