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I'm back from the depths.

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Hi guys. I'm back, just set up my reef down here in Bend again. A small 16g bow, and I'm building a 72g drilled bow right now as well. The 16 was set up at a friends house, and I bought it in his move. Luckey me. Well drop me a line if some of you remember who I am, or if there are any reefers down here in bend.

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I need to get a new battery for my digi' date=' but i'll get some up real soon. where on the net do you guys order acro for a decent cost? I'd like to get a purple rim green cap frag to start with.[/quote']

For single piece of coral I would look local ( i try to look local as much as a i can) the only way I see the internet being good for coral or any livestock is when you are ordering huge lots to where shipping is free, but even then most Local places will probably try to work something out if you are spending upwrads of 175 to 225 bucks in coral alone. At least if I owned a store I would.

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I live in bend so it costs me more in gas to get to eugene or portland than shipping. I will just hafta order as much coral to get the weight of minimum shipping. But i was wondering a reputable site.


A lot of times its just a dollar amount which is nice, like spend $200 get free shipping. That $200 goes fast when buying nice stuff.


I've gotten nice stuff from reefscience.com. Also check out the sponsors over at RC.

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need to ask my bro first, but i have a brother that lives in bend and we are all meetin up in beaverton saturday for nephew 3rd b-day party.. i could maybe send some frags with him and u could meet him in bend....i got the purple rim/ green and also a hot pink/flourescent orange cap also..depending if u blast it with light or not. LMK and ill talk to my bro... got some other stuff as well



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