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Im trying to figure out the quietest way to transfer water from a tank to a sump. i have a diy durso in my display that makes a lot of noise. fortunately it is in the living room, so its not that big of a deal. i would like to put a sump on my daughters 20 gal zoo tank, but it is in her bedroom, so i would like it to be as quiet as possible. the sump will be around 20 gallons, minus equipment and room for overflow. also, i can drill the tank if needed, so please give me your suggestions. thanks.

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I beleive there are a number of factors. a larger drain will allow more air to travel up the drain line at a slower rate, reducing the slurping noise. Also, I think the amount of noise is different if your drain in the sump is above or below water. I think it is quieter above water (forget, been a long time since I did DIY), but you get a little splashing noise, but at least that is in the stand.


also you can add a bard to the durso and run the tube to a an area where the air flow will be muffled.


for noise reasons alone I have given up on sump systems altogether and went with a nanocube

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