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Reefer 450 Pics 2 years old


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Thanks for the comments.  Regarding the system specs:

* Red Sea Reefer 450 purchased in 2015 
* Return Pump: Eheim 1062
* Skimmer: Curve 7
* Reactor: Two Fishes Carbon and GFO
* Refuge Light: Grow light from Amazon
* CO2 scrubber attached to skimmer intake to increase pH
* Lights: x3 Hydra HD 26's
* Controller: 2016 APEX
* Controller Display: Amazon 7 tablet (2015) w/cyanogen mod
* CA Reactor: GEO 618 w/ CarbonDoser
* Powerheads: Gyre 150 and 130
* Additives: AcroPower and MicroBacter7
* Live Rock - 88lbs of Live Pukani 
* RODI - BRS RODI with 2 RO membranes
* Dosing - BRS doser dosing Randy's Recipe 1 Part II ALK
* Salt: Kent Reef
* Top Off - Gravity fed top off from garage
* Water Changes 10g/week - Gravity fed suction out to sewer drain and gravity fed top off fresh water from garage
* Webam - Amcrest IPM-HX1B

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