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Need a home for my 125gal SPS Tank


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New here so I guess I cant post classifieds. I am moving out of state and need to pass on my SPS tank.

Any ideas for me to post or contacts to be made I am all ears. I have it on Craigs but could sure use some help.

971344886three Corey.








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Most have success 'parting out' their system.  Very few complete systems sell as most of us have established systems and are just looking for new equipment or specimens.

It goes something like this:

- Sell the coral

- Sell the fish

- Sell the equipment

You have nice coral and nice equipment.  I love that moon shaped brain for example.

Consider that route if you do not make progress.

Good luck!


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i would be interested in sps colonies.

the key to actually selling things is to price it to sell. I mean, dont give the stuff away but if you try and squeeze every last cent out of everything you will hey lots of people that kind of sort of want things but, well, i dont know, maybe....

people are amazing. i have seen the same skimmer and pumps on CL for like 4 months... you think people would get a clue.

a good place to check on market value for things is reef2reef. good equipment gets snatched up quickly when priced fairly. The high end stuff usually goes for about 30% off retail. fish and coral though typically sell for less

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Thanks for all the advice! If it comes time I will part things out. I will try to group as recommended. I am asking 3K for all but I would like to see it stay in the house if possible (Money talks!). It is doing so well right now. I just rebuilt entire setup with my home made super sump and three hole overflow. Silent with huge flow. All corals are taking off and parameters are good and stable.

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