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Gotta be the prettiest Birds Nest I mean Stylo


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5 hours ago, TheClark said:

A nice one from @Gil&Fin

love the teal polyps with green base.

whats your favorite BN?


Wait a sec... where has this one been hiding?

Looks nice Jeremy!  Despite their less than exclusive reputation there are a lot of nice looking birds nests out there these days. I'm partial to the ORA bird of paradise (another of Holly's collection🙂).

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What threw me off is how thick the branches are.  Almost like cats paw thick... The colors are spot on, for whatever reason that's the color it turns in this tank...
Yeah, I was thinking stylo too. But my green stylo doesn't have that skin. My Bird of Paradise does have much thicker branches than the Ponape. It's hard to see in the picture, but what do the tips look like? Pointed? Or rounded?

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That's an interesting looking specimen.  I attached a pic of what a typical ORA Bird of Paradise looks like.  In my experience, the best colors seem to come out under fairly low light with emerald green body and purple polyps with the colors weakening under strong lighting.  I have never seen them morph to a solid green, but you never know with corals.  Branches also look a little too blunt to me.  Looks a bit like a Stylo, but since the polyps appear to be arranged more or less in rows, it is probably a Birdsnest of some type.

On the topic of favorite Birdsnest, this bi-color colony was pretty cool looking.

Seriatopora caliendrum - ORA Bird of Paradise - Parent Colony.jpg

Seriatopora caliendrum - Super Birdnest Colony 2 - Top.jpg

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