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Happy Birthday BadxGillen!!!


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Happy Birthday Bert! How did I almost miss that it was your birthday?  I hope you are having a great day and doing something for yourself today as you are always doing for others!


To a generous guy who is always donating corals and his time to this club!  You are a great VP and it has been a pleasure to know you and work with you!

Thanks for being so awesome!



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Oh Man! You guys and gals, I don't know what to say here...I am getting all melty and mushy inside,. I just try and do what I can, when I can. I love reefing,, I love helping, and I love this community. Thank you all for making this club sch a wonderful place! I feel uplifted after seeing this, my night has become wonderfully topped off by the sentiments of my fellow reefer community. Love you all, Thank You So Much!

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49 minutes ago, badxgillen said:

We have 6 people in my family who have September birthdays as well...And I like all of them. Good people born in that month if you ask me. Not a bad sign at all.

And Thanks again everyone, it was a great day.



Well hell yeah as I am a September kid also :laugh: so is my son.............but the MIL now.............that's another story..............

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