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Opae ula shrimp


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43 minutes ago, youcallmenny said:

xmas can you post what gear you created it out of and some details?  I've been thinking about starting up a small shrimp bubble for a while. 

It's just a jar with some eco-complete substrate in it. That's it, all I do is top it off. It sits on an east facing window sill and that keeps enough algae in there for them to eat. 

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2 hours ago, youcallmenny said:

I just ordered an 12x12x17 5g Marineland fusion type tank specifically for a colony of these little guys.  It'll probably go on my desk.  After reading this thread I started researching the little guys and now I kind of just want them in my life! :unsure:

Do you want to go in on an order together? Or just sell a few from your order? I'm only looking for 5 or so. 

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