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Yah they are yumas. The frag i have has 2 polyps, both about the size of a nickel right now. $30?


Zoas are not doing good. A lot of them are melting away unfortunately due to my pH problem. But my lps and other softies are doing great, go figure. My tubs are not melting, but they lost ALL the blue and now just look like a brown zoa. The mouth is finally showing some blue again, but just a small amount.


Let me know on the yumas.



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Impur...i would like them, but wont be in eugene for a couple weeks. not sure if youre willing to wait. also, a possible trade? if interested pm me. thanks.


Flyguy...I just figured these were all gone. thats what started the thread! ill pm you when i have more time to work out details. thanks

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