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Frag Tank Driveby September 2017


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2 minutes ago, milesmiles902 said:


But I have to ask, is that @TheClark 's normal music?

Thanks Miles!

It's a youtube choice.  I had some throat clearing etc so had to cover with something.

Gotta say I do love that Dub Step genre.  My son is 17 and introducing me to new stuff :)  It is great for working out!


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1 hour ago, Gil&Fin said:

Wow!  Nice, Jeremy!

Thanks! You should like allot of these corals!  Many nice things in here are from you and other pnwmas reef buddies.  Like the baby plate, most of the SPS in the beginning, some of the big zoa colonies.  

I really wanted to go through and give credit with captions.  Stretched for time I just posted it up as is..  

There are things from @reefnjunkie, @Gil&Fin, @stylaster, @ssappington, @Saltwater newbie @badxgillen, the list goes on and on (and apparently you can only tag 5 people in a post...hmmm...)


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