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Sick Montipora


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What is wrong here? All my water parameters have been mostly stable with two exceptions.  My nitrate hangs close to 10 except after water changes bring it down to 5.  My phosphate peaks at .09 and then drops to zero after using Phosguard.  I have kept the frag in low light near the bottom.

First photo is when I brought my newly purchased Red Montipora Cap home.

Second image is now, one month later.  The lighting and cameras were different for each photo, partially explaining the variance in color.

Any help you can give me is greatly appreciated since I can't "read" the coral's health symptoms.

DSC_0166Montipora Cap red.JPG

DSC Montipora Cap red IMG_20170818_155257117.jpg

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One thing you do not want to do is "drop phosphate to zero". Stable, high phosphate levels are much better than going from 0.1 to zero every time you put in fresh phosgard. You may want to use half as much phosgard and swap it out twice as often. It could be a million other things too, but from your description that's what I would fix first.

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I agree with slamming the tank with GFO or phosguard. It's really effective... often times too effective.

Keep it low in the tank with decent flow and just let it do it's thing.

I absolutely nuked my tank with ammonia accidentally. EVERY coral was bone white. I would have cried if i wasn't soo pissed at a careless move.
Anyways, after 3? months 90% of them bounced back and look great, especially the montis.

Just keep it stable. It will likely come back.

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