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Did someone say seahorse?!


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With all this talk of seahorses, I couldn't help but post a few pics of the amazing new additions to my "family" that Jeff from Cuttlefish ordered from me over the last few weeks.



I have never seen such a beautiful group of seahorses in my life. Thought that they may have robbed one of the aquariums in Cali. The reddish orange female that is absolutely stunning. They are also the hippocampus ingens- one of the larger variety of seahorses. So far I they have also been eating more frozen selcon enriched mysis than I can almost keep up with. They also get the occasional phytoplankton enriched frozen brine.


I know I am horrible about posting lately... I just have too many amazing corals to stare at and already spend so much time on research for work. However, think you will find these little guys quite attractive. e5b259d0e5e0d74ae6c89f95f57a4df4.jpg4c35106dcccedf4cfc5c4343ac962415.jpg4f35aa612f1832780b520684662617ea.jpg






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2 hours ago, Emerald525 said:

Omg Robyn ! That red one is so amazing !! We were just at Jeffs and he was just talking about your new seahorse tank. This has inspired Sirena to set up the 60 gallon cube I got her. 

haha... Yay!! I am so happy for you two!! Sirena is going to love it. 60 cube is a perfect size. I totally forgot how fulfilling it is to have seahorses. Its an odd with feeling with seahorses compared other aquarium creatures-- I feel like you are always on the search for the next coral, but there is something about a seahorse tank that makes you feel so happy and content. Watching them eat and play is like having a mini family living downstairs.

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2 hours ago, Flashy Fins said:

Wow! Lucky you, with a red/orange specimen. Fingers crossed for you that he stays colorful. :thumbs:

Yes! here is to hoping! I was so impressed that Jeff was able to get all of them in exotic colors. One of the others has already changed to brown (but she is the best eater of the bunch and has already grown significantly). Fingers crossed for the others. :fingerscrossed:

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