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503reeflands introduction!


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Hello fellow reefers we are Jennifer and jake and are not really new on here mostly used the clasdifieds so far so I thought it's time to post one of these and also bump up our post count so we can clear out some stuff to!lol been in the hobby for 6 months and have jumped up 3 tank sizes in that time! We are having an awesome time with it especially since we found this site and the amaizing deals to be had!!! We have a nicley stocked 65 gallon tank with more lps than sps she loves the hammers and frog spawns while I am addicted to scullys and flower pots and hammers also... here's some pictures of what we got going on! We also got my sister and mom set up with tanks to and they should get on here in near future! Thanks everyone 


btw the aqua scape is not at all done waiting for some rock to cure. I probably am the only one that cares. Lol























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Yeah a little research goes a long long way! Oh patience to! lol she just focuses on what looks pretty I am into making it run and look good lol so far so good other than making a huge mistake and impulse buying a powder blue tang and loosing a lot of fish to ich then clowns died from brook after also buying healthy looking clown that wasn't so healthy! Gotta learn some how though. 

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Figured I’d post a new pic since finally getting rid of the old rock work and think it’s where I want it to be almost just waiting for some more rock to cure to finish up the left side!







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