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This is about my mature 30 gallon JBJ nano tank.  The last water parameter I am struggling with is the nitrate level.  With water changes, lowering the fish count, and changing filter floss frequently, I got my level closer to 10.  Next I cut my feeding in half, and continued with 20% water changes weekly.  I also stopped siphoning/cleaning my sand bed.  I added two tiger conch.  Now I have the level down to 5.  (Getting there finally.)

So I wonder that if leaving the sand bed alone helps avoid nitrate buildup, would using a turkey baster or equivalent on the rock-work benefit or harm my efforts to lower the nitrates?

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I don't know, but maybe it's just me. I can never find a turkey baster with enough pressure behind it to do a good job or they leak bubbles when squeezed.

Every so often, I will scrub my rocks with a toothbrush. Sure it may kill the worms living on the rocks, but it sure clears any detritus and they look squeaky clean. 

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I use a turkey baster in my JBJ 30 RL, I usually start using before a water change to blast all the crud off the rocks and get it suspended in the water column. from there i let it go into the overflows and caught in the filter floss, and then do this a 2nd time all the while I'm mixing salt. Then when its time to shut off the pumps I remove the filter floss and proceed with the water change. Though in consideration of Nitrates I also have cheato in one of the back chambers I have to cut a bunch off every month.

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