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Large tank trade

Mt. Dreamer

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Would like to trade my 360 gallon acrylic aquarium for a "cube style tank".

Dimensions of my tank: 96"L x 24"W x 36"T

All panels are 1" thick clear acrylic.

Black center overflow box.

Stand included- 1 1/4" steel square tubing with white powder coating.

Tank and stand only.

Approx. in use for two years.

Made by: James @ Envisions


Reason for trade: Need a wider tank for my big fish


What I'm Looking for:

acrylic aquarium(cube)-300 gallons or more (please nothing over 550gal)Must have center over flow box.

Panel dimensions don't have to match, just needs to look like a cube. Please no rectangular tank.


May consider selling my tank, if I get a irresistible offer.


Thank for looking

Mt. Dreamer

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Tank/Stand for sale or trade


The Aquarium & Stand are officially for sale: $1,350

360 gallons/ steel stand(both tank and stand must be bought as a set only)

There is someone interested in possibly buying. He will get first dibbs on it upon viewing. This is because he expessed interest first. However, I will take the highest offer.



Mt. Dreamer

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