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July Picture of the Month - Sand Bed


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Here are the rules:
• One photo entry per person
• Pic has to be taken by YOU
• Must be in by the posted deadline
• Must follow subject guidelines for the month
Winners will be determined based on voting poll results after submission deadline.   
This months subject:

Anything with half the image being a Sand Bed!!!

Show me some great shots of your front view.  All of that hard work you put into your tanks!!  I know there are a whole bunch of amazing tanks out there!!  show them off!


I am going to try to be better on this one.

June 31th  @ 9 pm  PST

Voting will happen from the 1st till the 4rd of August.

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11 hours ago, Stugots said:

What do you call that AcanLord? It's got my vote. 

That is an Orange Plate Coral. Pretty easy to find online. I got this one about a year ago from a local reefer. It was about 1.5" and is now around 2.5" and pretty colorful. I never feed it but it always catches food and if I do feed it, it's fun to watch, like an anemone they use the tentacles to pull food to the mouth in the center. 


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