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Pre-Moving Sale Reef Sale :)


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As some of you might know Im remodeling a house right now and am getting ready to do the big move! Well I thought I would weed through some of the stuff that I have laying around. I have lots of stuff I will adding to this thread throughout the weekend as I go through stuff. Later Ryan


First up is a brand new PFO Single 400w Pulse Start Ballast- $110


Heres a link on MD- http://www.marinedepot.com/ps_ViewItem~idProduct~YPF1871.html









Number 2- CPR Aquafuge modded w/ MJ900 $90









Number 3- 2 400w Hamilton 14K- $40 each of $75 for both


1 Used 2 Months

1 Barely fired










Number 4- Castle 32mm Golf Tees - I have 30 packs. $3 each of $75 for all






Number 5- Precision Marine HOT+1 Skimmer w/drain fitting cup w/MJ1200 - $90


Heres a link- http://www.precisionmarine.com/html/hot-1.html








Number 6- 90G AGA w/ corner overflow, stand and canopy - $120


This is a tank that I got from Bill in Bend. I was gonna take some time to refinish the stand and canopy but obviously dont have time. The top is in good shape could use some stain. The stand needs sanding, stain, and paint inside. The tank needs some brace repair also. Could be a nice tank.




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Also right after the move I will have a 24G AQUAPOD w/ 70w MH Sunpod and Oceanic 29 Biocube stand for sale because Im gonna transfer everything I got into my new cube.


I am also looking for some stuff in trade. I am looking for a


1. 150DE or 250DE setup


2. Small needlewheel skimmer


3. Oceanic Cube

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ack! just noticed you are in Albany. Are you moving to Portlandland by any chance?


I have to pick up my chiller in Woodburn Monday or Tuesday, so I would be closer then.


On second thought it is pretty small, i didn't know they made them that small... I'll think about it.


I might beinterested in the skimmer, I was thinking about a remora but the PM looks about the same effectiveness.

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I guess I could take a couple its not much to look at though.


Sorry I missed ya Mike I was at Jerrys today buying tile, water heater, electrical, and some other misc stuff for the house. I will be in Corvallis on Saturday before the game if that works. Let me know. Later Ryan

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