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FS: Apex Gold, MP40 QD, UV, Deltec 1455, Dosers, LR


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Corals are (mostly) out. So now I can start stripping down the equipment. Here's what I can have ready first...shoot me a text with any questions (512-731-7609)


APEX Gold (Classic):  $400 - Has all probes including an additional temp probe. 

APEX EB8: Few months old: $120 (Holding)

MP40 QD: 18months old: $250

Deltec 1455: year old $375 (this thing is super quiet, pulls great. Deltec is fantastic)

Emperor 40W UV: 9months old: $250 (will need new bulb in a few months as per their replacement guidelines) To run it I've also got a variable speed EHEIM Pump w/ all connections built in: $50

TUNZE 3155: $125 (Holding)

Three BRS 1.1 Dosers: $40 each (One is a few months old. The other two are 18 months old.)



Testing Supplies: $100

-Hannah Phosphate with 15 or so powder packets: 

-Red Sea Testing (very full on all. At least 80% on each. Maybe 20 tests total from each ever): Nitrate, phosphate, MG (expired but still works fine), PH, ALK, Cal,

-Copper Test kit (only used for 10 tests give or take)


Unopened Kent Kalk 500g: $10

Unopened Fritz: 35 (Holding)



I've got probably 80 pounds of rock. It's a mixture of base rock and real reef rock that was all in my tank for the full 18 months. I've got some asterina stars, a few bristle worms, and some vermetid snails. So if that doesn't matter to you then let me know. Or I might just nuke it and sell it as dry rock. Either way.


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