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Wtt/Looking for Kessil 360


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Looking to trade into a kessil 360 or a few, prefer the 360w as one of the one i have is a 360w or 360we or something like that.

I probably have jus about anything one would need lol. If its not listed, just ask, 90% of this is all just in storage or in the garage.

-Hydra 52 with controller

-Ai prime wifi led with mount (Not HD)

-SB reef led light

-Ocean Revive t247

-Tek light T5 fixtures (2 or 3)

-Bubble King 180 with the speedy 3pump/Controller

-Simplicity 120 skimmer brand new in the box

-Simplicity 240 skimmer less then a year old.

-Older Reef octopus Skimmer

-Curve 7 skimmer

-Calcium Reactor an media reactors

-Blue Next Reef sump (34 or 36in don't rember)

-Proflex sump model 4 (good size sump)

-Custom sump for a Cube

-210g Reef tank (in wall stand big sump)

-180g Reef tank with Nice black stand

-60g reef cube tank

-Nuvo 20 setup

-2 different frag tank setups 

-Duel tank stand with a 55 an 50 

-lots of different smaller tanks

-lots of rock, some live

-2 clams an other coral an livestock 

-Ps4 an RC items as well ;-)

Looking for 3 lights so listed some bigger ticket items. Always interested in tanks, love rimless :)


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